Shockwave Centers of America


Welcome to the Back to Health Family Chiropractic patient center, where every new patient, current patient, or even former chiropractic and nutrition patient can start their journey to better overall health and wellness!

Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on attempting to treat disease once it occursDr. MollyDr. Nancy, and the Back to Health Family Chiropractic staff emphasize improving your overall health and wellness by reducing the likelihood of pain and illness in the first place - before illness, disease, or pain becomes an issue.

As many of our current and former patients will tell you, the chiropractic professionals at Dr. Molly's Back to Health wellness clinic have time and time again taken patients from a low quality of life, riddled with pain and discomfort, and offered a total rediscovery of life that was previously thought long lost. For others, they come in feeling good and leave surprised they never realized how out of alignment they were!

All that said, a frequently asked question we hear is: "what is chiropractic care about? What 'technology' could there be? Isn't it just hands-on and cracking noises!" This misconception runs far and wide and against the grain of our mission to truly make everyone feel their optimal health and best self. Ask us about how Shockwaver Therapy can help you along with what other services and techniques we offer that can get you feeling great.


387 Lake Road Suite 3, St Albans, VT 05478