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Byrne Chiropractic & Wellness Center was founded in 2008 by Dr. Stephen Byrne. He started practicing in Lansing in 1999, then moved to Detroit and western Michigan to practice. He moved to Rockford after falling in love with our town, enjoying the small town feel and close-knit community. Dr. Byrne knew it would be a perfect place to raise his family.

At our practice, we believe that good structure, nutrition and stress reduction strategies are the keys to a long and healthy life, and we seek to share these principles with families.

We’ll do our best to listen to your needs while providing a comfortable, home-like environment to put you at ease

Our Purpose
To inspire, educate and adjust as many families as possible back toward optimal health through natural chiropractic care.

A Place for Solutions
The services we provide are designed to help your body restore and recover health through

  • Improvement of sleep
  • Postural correction
  • Rehabilitation and exercising
  • Specific nutrition
  • Stress reduction

How We’ll Help You
Our family-based wellness practice sees patients from just a few days old to those in their 90s. Many people are referred to us by others who have seen great success with our care. Dr. Byrne is highly skilled in the art of chiropractic, continually learning more to benefit his patients. The body is self-healing, and the nervous system is the body’s master system. We apply chiropractic techniques and knowledge to remove any interference with the nervous system, allowing your body to heal.

Rather than curing anything, chiropractic increases your potential to function at an optimal level.

Find out how we may be able to help you experience better health naturally.


355 Northland Dr NE, Rockford, MI 49341