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Enlightened Chiropractic

Enlightened Chiropractic has been Dr. Jeff’s dream since his first chiropractic experience.
Dr. Jeff grew up with health woven into his daily operations, as he was always ready to offer health advice. When he was hurt in high school, after trying many modalities of treatment, chiropractic care proved to be the one that offered sustained relief. It was then that he knew this was to be his profession. He wanted to help whole families, especially young teens with injuries like his own. He also knew that if his parents had known about chiropractic care from the moment he was born that he could have short-circuited a lot of suffering. 

Through chiropractic school, he spent a lot of time on weekends at other offices that functioned in this family-wellness model while taking 30+ hours of credits throughout school. He wanted to graduate and hit the ground running. While in school he met his beautiful wife Nadine. Together they spent many nights up late trying to bring their vision to reality. Nadine plays a large role outside the office in creating social media posts and helping market the office while attaining her master’s degree in counseling. 

Part of Enlightened Chiropractic’s birth was the recognition of New Orleans’ need for true, neurologically-based chiropractic care. We are not about the twist, crack, and pop nor the quick insurance claim. We are here to witness and be a part of family members’ forward-moving health journey. We look at the body as a whole and get to the root cause of any health concerns. 


2701 Airline Dr, Suite E Metairie, LA 70001