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Dr. Dan Ruitenbeek DC BCN

Dr. Dan grew up in London, Ontario Canada. He is on a mission to make sure that the community thrives in life, rather than suffers. After an ice hockey injury of multiple lumbar vertebral disk protrusions rendered him unable to walk or sit without pain, let alone play any kind of sports, Dr. Dan was referred to his hometown natural health clinic. Through chiropractic care and physical rehabilitation this doctors office was able to actually assess the underlying weaknesses that led to the injury and provide long lasting results. Fascinated by this approach to wellness, Dr. Dan became obsessed with the idea of a collaborative, integrated health model. People deserve to have easy access to the best of both worlds; modern medical interventions and natural/preventative healthcare working together to provide high quality, customized solutions.

Dr. Dan has his bachelors degree in Kinesiology, Doctorate in Chiropractic, Board certification in Intractable Pain and Neuropathy as well as various soft tissue therapy certifications. Dr. Dan is also the author of “Cracking the Neuropathy Code: A state-of-the-art approach to reversing peripheral neuropathy” He has incredible success rates in reversing the effects of Peripheral Neuropathy through an integrative, holistic approach to rebuild nerve tissue and re-establish proper blood flow. This approach has been highly beneficial for a variety of other chronic health issues including Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, Nerve damage, Plantar Fasciitis, and Degenerative Arthritis. 


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