Shockwave Centers of America


New Life Chiropractic believes that the body is able to heal itself. When you choose chiropractic care as your first health choice, you will be able to avoid expensive drugs and medication while still living the healthy life that you deserve. All of our patients get our individual personal attention and we take pride in making sure that they get the service that they desire.


  • Our chiropractic office allows you to understand and overcome your health issues.
  • We take the complex terms out of health care discussions.
  • We strive to provide you with easy to implement techniques and tips so you can live a fuller and healthier life.
  • In addition to helping you meet your health and fitness goals, we also have various services for adults, children, accident victims and athletes. Our Services Include:
    • Spinal correction services that are specific and efficient
    • At home spinal care exercise recommendations
    • Functional Nutritional recommendations to overcome health issues naturally 
    • Shockwave therapy and laser therapy 
    • Spinal decompression therapy 



4780 Rocklin Road, Rocklin, CA 95677