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Welcome to Peak Performance Therapy and Wellness!

Are you:
• A person who places a high value on their own health, well-being, and living a pain-free life?
• An athlete who is struggling to meet their potential, or, the athlete who is just trying to find another way to get a step up on their competition with sport specific training?
• Someone who suffers from chronic pain, headaches, migraines, jaw pain or TMJ disorder?
• Someone who is dealing with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, or other systemic and/or neurological disorders?

Peak Performance Therapy and Wellness takes a wholistic approach to eliminating your pain, restoring your function, and returning you to top-notch performance. Get out of the mindset that you have to “live with the pain” because you can’t remember the last time you didn’t have it. Nobody should have to live with pain!

Stop treating the symptoms and treat the root cause.


168 Boston Post Rd., Unit 9, Madison, CT 06443