Shockwave Centers of America


Dr. Bent Leone, DC   240-446-6658

Dr. Catherine Toplansky, DC    703-338-5773





Wellness through know-how
Too often, folks turn to healthcare providers for a quick fix. When we hurt, we want the pain to stop. That’s a normal human response. But when the pain eases, we don’t always feel the need to figure out what caused it in the first place. Soon the pain comes back, and we have to choose between another quick fix and a lasting end to the root problem.

Dr. Leone and  Dr. Toplansky use many modalities for a permanent solution. And our newest technology is shockwave. Its a breakthrough technology thats clinically proven to jump-start your body's ability to regenerate new tissue. Uses: increase circulation, break down calcified deposits, stimulate regeneration. Minimal side effects, non-surgical, drugless option. 



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