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Welcome to StretchFlexMD
Welcome to StretchFlexMD, where we prioritize your health through natural, non-surgical approaches. Our mission is to maximize your health potential by offering a range of treatment modalities under the guidance of a Chiropractor and Medical Doctor.

At StretchFlexMD, we emphasize joint and muscle flexibility as a key component of overall health. Our one-on-one flexibility coaching aims to maintain proper mobility, crucial for a longer and healthier life. Explore our modalities:

  • - Stability Training: Enhance proprioception and balance.
  • - Class IV Laser: Treat joint and muscle pain through Photobiomodulation.
  • - PEMF: Reduce inflammation and induce calm.
  • - Red Light Therapy: Address inflammation, skin conditions, and promote healthy aging.
  • - Acoustic Shockwave: Boost collagen production, increase blood flow, and alleviate various conditions.
  • - Strength Training: Utilize variable resistance and the X3 system.
  • - BioDensity Machine: Measure strength with precision.
  • - Comprehensive Blood Analysis: Identify deficiencies and supplement accordingly.
  • - Experience medical weight loss with peptides Semaglutide and Tirzepatide for effective results and improved metabolic flexibility.

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