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Dr. Nicole K. Williams D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Nicole K. Williams, is the founder of Vivicare Chiropractic and Wellness Center. She has been helping her patients  achieve optimal health for over a decade. Her mission is to help individuals achieve wellness at any age. Many people believe that aging comes with many challenges, and bodily malfunction is a natural part of aging. Dr. Nicole challenges that notion, and believes that with proper care you can age gracefully and sustain your energy all day.

Her love for chiropractic medicine developed when she overcame knee problems and headaches in her childhood years. Her medical doctor prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs for her and recommended that her parents withdraw her from competitive gymnastics. It was a visit to her chiropractor that led to the discovery of her life’s purpose—to facilitate the healing process through chiropractic medicine and nutrition.

Dr. Nicole has had the privilege of treating a variety of patients:  kids, athletes, patients with a motor vehicle and other injuries, as well as those on a path to wellness and weight loss. She specializes in nutrition, chiropractic care and functional medicine to facilitate the healing of her patients. She gets to the root of the problem and treats the whole person, rather than the symptoms of illnesses and disease.  It would be her pleasure to serve you and your family, and most importantly, to place “Your Health, Above All Else”.


4920 Roswell Road, Unit 39, Atlanta, GA 30342