Shockwave Centers of America


My name is Dr. Jack Belitz.  My office has been serving the people in the Greater Omaha area for over 20 years.  We provide a very unique blend of non-traditional options for health care.  15 years ago, our attention went to health care for children especially those dealing with ADD and other spectrum disorders.  That is a fascinating group to work with because they such an amazing health potential,  Often when a child is experiencing a health challenge, it is simply because the amazing built in healing power in the body is disrupted.  We have tools in the office that can track the source of this disruption and then we can open it up.  By unleashing the natural healing mechanisms in the body, often your child can get back to a normal healthy life without the use of drugs or other invasive methods.  


Then, a few years later, I personally had what could have been career ending back pain.  I was told I needed surgery, but I didn't want to do that.  It took some time to find the solution.  I got back to the point that its like I never had the injury.   Now I want to share this amazing treatment plan with anyone who thinks that surgery might be their only option.  You can read more about any of these subjects by visiting our website.


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