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Welcome to Zelm Chiropractic Centers!

Since 1961, the founder of Zelm Chiropractic Center, Dr. Alan Zelm has been helping patients find natural relief.  Our patients have helped the practice grow to two locations with five experienced doctors who can assist your own body in healing itself.  Let us help you experience true HEALTHcare!  

Everyone deserves to live in optimal health and without pain. Unfortunately, this has not yet been a reality for many people, but the team at Zelm Chiropractic Center believes it’s possible. We seek to help every resident of Stoughton and McFarland, WI, as well as the surrounding areas, attain pain-free living, health, and wellness through chiropractic care.

The dedicated team of chiropractors at Zelm Chiropractic Center of Stoughton and McFarland care for their communities with the belief that the human body can heal itself and live to its fullest potential and function. However, it often needs the help of chiropractic techniques to restore the alignment and balance necessary for this to happen. It’s with this understanding that we have helped residents of Stoughton and McFarland, WI, and surrounding areas find relief from issues such as neck pain, back pain, sports injuries, auto injuries such as whiplash, degenerative disc disease, soft tissue injuries, disc issues such as herniated discs, headaches, pinched nerves, sciatica symptoms, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, chronic conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia, joint dysfunction, and more since opening under the earlier generation of the Zelm family in 1961.  

Proudly serving McFarland, Stoughton, Madison, Cottage Grove, Oregon, Edgerton, Evansville, Janesville, and more!

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